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Driver to pit, pit to driver, pit wall to driver, team management to crew,  spotters, vehicle management systems to pit, marshals and medics, organisers and staff, the use of two-way radios across all forms of motorsport has become a familiar sight at race circuits around the world.

From the most sophisticated systems employed in Formula 1™, WTCC and WRC to endurance racing and club events, two-way radios have helped to make race teams safer and more efficient whilst also improving the spectator experience.

As Official Supplier of radio communications equipment to McLaren since 1991 first with analogue equipment then from 2005 with digital systems, Kenwood has been at the heart of the team’s wireless radio links, from team members around the paddock, to delivering vital messages to the drivers while they’re racing at 300km/h on the track, Kenwood’s digital radios offer a significant advantage to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes race strategy.

Kenwood's experience in developing mission critical digital two-way radio communications systems to operate effectively in the immense heat, vibration and impact of race and rally cars has informed the development of the Nexedge range where security of voice and data transfer, performance in extreme conditions, lightweight and ruggedness are prime requirements.

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March 2014 - JVCKENWOOD Corporation Renews Partnership Contract with the McLaren Mercedes F1 Team

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