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The Professional Systems business consists of Kenwood’s wireless equipment segment, including land mobile radio, amateur radios and specific power-saving transceivers, and JVC’s business solutions segment centering on professional AV equipment and systems.

The Land Mobile Radio business boasts the world’s second largest market share. It supplies highly reliable professional radio terminals and systems for the public safety sector (police and fire departments), the public service sector (electricity, water and gas), and the private sector (railways, buses, hotels and plants), particularly in overseas markets.

The business solutions segment supplies security cameras, professional-use audio equipment and facilities, video cameras, monitors and ID printers mainly to private-sector markets.

The business solutions segment will enhance its technology-based marketing and shift from the individual hardware business to the solution business that integrates products, content and services. It will also expand proprietary products and services which make the most use of the video technology and the image compression technology. These technologies realize four to eight times the resolution of Hi-Vision. It will also utilize the 3D image technology that converts 2D images into high-precision 3D images on a real-time basis. The segment will also endeavor to expand and enhance operations by actively working on cooperation and alliance with other companies.

In addition, through integrated management of Kenwood’s land mobile radio segment and JVC’s business solutions segment, we will aim to share the two companies’ resources, such as sales networks, expand the Professional Systems business and strengthen its competitiveness. At the same time, we will create a new business in response to the expansion in the public safety and security markets by commercializing a wireless transmission system for surveillance camera images that combines both companies’ technologies and know-how.

Customers can choose a camera that is suitable for their purpose, system and location. The latest security video camera line-up (32 models) can be used for versatile surveillance applications.
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